初めまして!今はルーマニアに住んでいる高校生!ルーマニアの姓名は長過ぎるので、皆さんがカメ パンと呼ぶことにした!旅行や料理やファションや綺麗な写真を撮ることが好きだよ~

よろしくお願いします!m(_ _)m
Just your average multi ethnic freshman moving to NYC whose foreign name is way too long and weirdly spelt(&pronounced as a bonus pain)to keep your attention long enough ’til the end of this sentence. That’s why I prefer to go by my nickname Kame(KA-MEH or just go with your own pronunciation) and have an acronym for my full name, i.e. PAN.

Oh, and I’ve also been studying Japanese language & culture for around 4-5 years in my home country, Romania. I also love travelling, bridging new friendships, yadda yadda yadda…and F O O D-porn, especially food.