Moscow’s exy food

Japanese below

MATRYOSHKA. That’s the first thing that springs into many people’s minds when they hear, read, or say RUSSIA…or MOSCOW, which I visited by the way a little while ago. (And no, exy is not some new-wave wannabe attempt at spelling ‘sexy’; exy = expensive in the alien-Aussie slang)


So I’ll start off with the F O O D. Chic, tiptop cafes are found on the Tverskaya Street, which is prolly the best-known and most expensive street in the city, boasting dozens of luxury brand stores and apartments. Understandably, the shops will go with the flow and hike up their prices and when time comes to foot the bill, it’ll probably span from 700 rub($13) for a salad to 1400 rub for that fruit platter. As for drinks, a 340-400 ml cappuccino cost me around 270 rub(~$5).

But we’ve also got a taste of the famous Russia exclusive coffee, called RAF coffee and whose price reaches as much as 240 rub. Its fame comes (taking a guess here) from the fact that milk and cream are simultaneously whipped with the espresso, giving it a soft and thick foam. Now you’re prolly wondering where it got its name from and the answer, as in many other cases, is none other than its creator’s first name, Rafael. Pretty predictable, huh? If you’re interested in discovering more about how Raf  came to be, maybe this will help.





ロシアの居心地がよい喫茶店から方が通り過ぎるのを眺めて時間をつぶしていた。 素早い昼食を食べた。

しかし、 ちょっと高い。。。その地球で多くの観光客行くので、価格が高騰している。また、価格は需要を反映するね(近くのほうが安い)。





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